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Why Are Laws Important

Details: Why Are Laws Important? The law is important because it serves as a norm of conduct for citizens and residents. It acts as a guideline for acceptable behavior, and ensures equality within communities and social groups by an outline for the consequences of law violations. Laws communicate what is accepted in each society. Without laws, citizens

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Why Are Laws Important in Our Society

Details: Laws are important for protecting the health, safety and well-being of the public. They are enacted to punish behavior that threatens others in society, and they give victims some degree of protection. The legal system strives to create a society that is just, equal and fair. It imposes moral and ethical standards that people must abide by.

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What Is the Purpose of Rules and Laws

Details: What Is the Purpose of Rules and Laws? Rules and laws serve many purposes necessary for a thriving society, including the punishment of wrongdoers, the resolution of disputes, the promotion of the common good and moral habituation. The fact that every organized social institution, including families, schools and countries, have recognized rules

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