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Details: The purpose of the EIA Laws site is to provide up-to-date information about EIA laws in a format that allows users to quickly see trends and identify international best practices. This database is a work in progress. We invite you to contact ELAW if there is new or updated information that should be added to the site.

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Private international law

Details: Private international law or Conflict of laws Considers questions of jurisdiction, choice of law in cross-border cases, and the recognition and enforcement of foreign jurisdictions. To do a subject search in SOLO, use the exact phrase Conflict of laws. To this you could add a jurisdiction eg Conflict of laws - Brazil.

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International & transnational

Details: Conflict of laws + name of country eg Conflict of laws - China etc. Below are just some examples of commentary: Kluwer is republishing sections of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws/Private International Law as paperbacks so the number of countries for which we have at least an introductory overview is evident!

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France: Codes & Legislation

Details: Important laws are often cited by the surname of minister or MP who initiated the bill (eg modern abortion law dates from Loi Veil (1975)) or a recognised abbreviation develops eg PACS. Enacting formula. This first indicates the route: adoption by one or both houses of parliament, or after a referendum, and whether it has been scrutinised by

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Italy: Codes & Legislation

Details: Laws are both dated and individually numbered within each year which means an abbreviated form is often used. For example where the full citation would be. Legge 26 febbraio 2011, n.10 this can be simplified to L. 10/2011.

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Germany: Codes & Legislation

Details: Statutes are second only to the Constitution as a source of law. Federal legislation is officially published in the Federal Law Gazette Bundesgesetzblatt (BGBL in citations): Teil I has domestic laws, Teil II has international agreements which have been ratified by Germany.Fundstellennachweis A is the annual index for BGBL I. The LawBod has the print …

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Ancient Greek Law

Details: Publication Date: 2013. Holders of an Oxford SSO can also read this online via title link. The Documents in the Attic Orators : laws and decrees in the public speeches of the Demosthenic corpus by Mirko Canevaro. Call Number: Ancient Greek C221.8a. ISBN: 0199668906. Publication Date: 2013.

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Middle East, North Africa & Turkey : legal resources

Details: The Laws or Ur-Nammu,a Sumerian law collection from c. 2100 BCE. The laws are not complete but include 40 legal provisions including homicide, sexual offences, assault, false accusations, marriage, and property. The laws of Eshnunna (see Yaron's book at Ancient Babylon Y28a2) pre-dated Hammurabi's laws by around 200 years

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Legislation : provincial & territorial

Details: he Provincial Statutes of Canada contain public and private acts passed by Canadian provincial governments. Current, revised, and historical content is available for Alberta, British Colombia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario.

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Encyclopedia & Dictionaries

Details: Laws of Australia is an encyclopedia rather than a dictionary, but often starts subject treatments with a definition. Westlaw AU Description of this database.

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England & Wales

Details: Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The JCPC "is the highest court of appeal for many current and former Commonwealth countries, as well as the United Kingdom’s overseas territories, crown dependencies, and military sovereign base areas.

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Restatements of the law

Details: The A.L.I. also publishes uniform laws and model acts, which are proposed laws recommended for adoption by the individual states as part of their own law. These include the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.), and the Model Penal Code. The library's print holdings of the above (including some working papers & drafts) are at USA 045 on level 3

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Encyclopedias in print

Details: The Law Bod as an historic print copy of Halsbury's Laws of Australia. It ceased being up dated in 2010. Volumes 1-28 arrange content under alphabetically listed 'titles'. Each volume contains Tables of Contents, Cases, Statutes and an index of words and phrases used in each title. The information is arranged according to paragraph numbers

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Law dictionaries and legal reference

Details: The Index to Legal Terms section of Westlaw UK gives online access to Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law, Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases, Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary, "In addition to the dictionaries, the index includes definitions that form part of Westlaw UK's Case, Legislation and Journal documents.

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Religion & law

Details: Please pay careful attention to the Law Library shelf mark! If it begins Cw India 510 then you will find the book on Floor 1.If it begins Hindu or Islamic then you will find the book on Floor 3. "Developments in Hindu Law from the Colonial to the Present" (2013) 7 Religion Compass 252–262 is available to holders of Oxford SSO via the journal link below.

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Legislation & cases

Details: Printed resources. Halsbury's Statutes (also available online via LexisLibrary). Classmark: KZ 2 on Level 2. Multi - volume work arranged by broad subject area. Has statutes as amended and annotated with a looseleaf updating service.

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