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Legal System of China v.s U.S. Legal System

Details: The Chinese spent countless hours restructuring their legal system to closer represent those in the Western business. The basic structures of both legal system are extremely similar. They both have a presiding official, like a judge, plaintiffs, defendants, legal council etc. Both countries have a …

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United States Legal System

Details: The legal system of the United States has a two part structure. The first part is the Federal court system. Under this there is the State court system. This stems from the original colonies want to keep some judicial control. This two part structure allows for jurisdictional distinctions.

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Chinese Legal System

Details: Laws created by the emperor apply to all of his subjects, but not directly to him. Because the emperor was the supreme judicial power he could determine the guilt or innocence of accuses individuals, determine the consequences, and change the judgments given by lower judicial authorities.

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