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Divorce Mediation Florida

Details: Some laws are specific and formulaic, while others are more like guidelines. Often times only a few categories will be relevant to your particular situation, with only one or two being sticking points. Time Sharing. Alimony. Asset Valuation. Parenting Plans. Child Support. Business Valuation.

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Florida Cohabitation Agreements in 2020

Details: As of 2015, marriage equality has been established in all 50 states. LGBTQ people can get married, divorced, and can adopt without discrimination. This speaks to the state of Florida evolving its understanding and definition of a family. But there is one area where Florida laws still lag behind.

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The Ultimate Guide to Divorce Fair & Friendly Mediation

Details: Mediators can help you complete the right forms, navigate the laws, and understand the legal implications of the agreements you reach. Mediators can not only discuss the law but help you understand how the provisions in your agreement can be enforced or modified in the future.

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