50 Weird State Laws

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50 Craziest Laws in the United States

Details: Apparently, this strange law was enacted to protect the Kingdom of Hawaii coinage, when Hawaii officially joined the United States in 1900. John Kieffer Getty Images 12 of 50 crazy state laws in usa

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Weird State Laws Crazy & Bizarre Laws That Actually Exist

Details: Maybe someday we'll repeal all of the stupid state laws on the books. But until then, we'll just have to stay on our toes. Check out the list below for the craziest, most insane laws of the 50 U.S. states. What were these lawmakers thinking?! Photo: Alabama. It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church. 10 weirdest laws in america

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Stupid Laws in Washington

Details: Any restroom with pay toilets has to have an equal number of free toilets. By. This law came to pass after the speaker of the state House of Representatives raced to an all-pay facility without a dime. Read More. silly laws in the usa

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10 Strange Laws In Washington State

Details: Every state has its crazy laws, and Washington is no exception. And while it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be arrested for breaking a crazy rule that no one knows about, it’s still fun to learn about these laws (and wonder how on Earth they got on the books). According to the site dumblaws.com, in Washington it is illegal to: strange laws from all 50 states

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50 Weird Laws In Each State - The Odyssey Online

Details: 50 Weird Laws In Each State How much freedom do we really have in America? Ashley Fogarty. Jul 06, 2015. University of Minnesota Twin Cities. 1323 While we are all recovering from celebrating the land of the free and the home of the brave, you may be thinking how great it is to live in a free country. You may also be thinking: Just how free are crazy laws in united states

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Weirdest laws passed in every state - USA Today

Details: We scoured the law books in every state to find the weirdest law that's been passed in each one (some have been repealed, but some are shockingly still on the books). Find out what the law says in silly state laws for kids

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The 50 Craziest State Food Laws - Weird Laws In Every State

Details: The 50 Craziest State Food Laws. New Jersey lawmakers are surprisingly strict about table manners —the law states that 15 CrazyFoods At The 2016 Minnesota State Fair; 50 States of Weird 50 dumb laws

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50 Weird Laws Around the World Far & Wide

Details: 50 Weird Laws Around the World Weird laws exist in many countries around the world. Every country is different, and every country's laws are different. Sometimes these laws border on the seriously ridiculous, and other times they point to important cultural …

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What Are The Most Stupidest Laws Ever

Details: 50 Dumb Laws From Across the United States WorldAtlas. 8 hours ago The law states that only the owner, pump operator or employee is allowed to pump the gas. In 2015, a bill was enacted to law to allow citizens living in less populated areas with less than 40,000 people to pump their own gas. A similar law also exists in New Jersey. Other controversial laws in the United States.

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